Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 1 - Back to School

J. Crew Factory pumps, Vince Camuto Harty pumps, The Limited wedges, Vince Camuto Harty pumps

The first week of school is down!

I've taught sixth graders for the past six years, and this was my first week teaching seventh grade.   I have to say that it is truly mind-boggling how much of a difference a couple of months can make!

Puberty has reared it ugly head and is definitely "alive and well" in the building.

High heels or not, after one week, my students are already keeping me on my toes.

In-Service Week


Dress requirements for in-service week may be simplified into one word:  "anything". 
As most of the time is spent rotating to workshops and working in the classroom, I try to adhere to outfits that (I consider) are "business casual via summertime casual".  I don't know if that makes any sense given that I just made it up.
Anyway, wearing heels wasn't on the menu for me this week.  I mean, how impractical would it be for a teacher to wear heels to work?
(During in-service week, that is.)